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80/20 1530-S files: 1 renderings:1 engineer:Marshall Walker Fixtures, Miscellaneous 80/20 1530-S 0 213 Tesla tower stairs files: 2 renderings:4 engineer:Verislav Mudrak Aerospace, Architecture, Automotive, Aviation, Construction, Educational, Electrical, F... Tesla tower stairs 4 212 Multi-function screwdriver files: 1 renderings:10 engineer:Coolwin Fixtures, Household, Machine design, Miscellaneous, Tools Multi-function screwdriver 26 212 END TURN EXPANDER files: 0 renderings:1 engineer:JP Parametrics Automotive, Fixtures, Machine design END TURN EXPANDER 0 212 Speakers files: 3 renderings:10 engineer:Nemanja Ranković Electrical, Fixtures, Miscellaneous Speakers 27 212 SCREW PARAF SEXT M8 X 1 X 25 files: 4 renderings:3 engineer:Romeu Windberg Junior Fixtures, Industrial design, Miscellaneous SCREW PARAF SEXT M8 X 1 X 25 0 212 MACHINE C-FRAME ASSEMBLY files: 0 renderings:2 engineer:JP Parametrics Automotive, Fixtures, Machine design MACHINE C-FRAME ASSEMBLY 2 212 M8 Allen Cap Screw Library files: 19 renderings:2 engineer:Dean Automotive, Fixtures, Tools M8 Allen Cap Screw Library 1 211 bench vice files: 10 renderings:8 engineer:GIRRAJ SHARMA Fixtures, Industrial design, Machine design bench vice 1 211 GoPro Hero 3 55 Millimeter Lens Adapter files: 3 renderings:3 engineer:Drew Johnson Fixtures, Miscellaneous GoPro Hero 3 55 Millimeter Lens A... 0 211 Industrial Rack Drawers files: 1 renderings:6 engineer:Nuno Felix Fixtures, Industrial design, Miscellaneous Industrial Rack Drawers 2 211 Continuous Spiral Spring on Circular Path files: 6 renderings:1 engineer:Divyansh Educational, Electrical, Fixtures Continuous Spiral Spring on Circu... 0 211 2 in ORIFICE FLANGE files: 1 renderings:1 engineer:David Warren Construction, Fixtures, Miscellaneous 2 in ORIFICE FLANGE 1 211 Water Bottle files: 6 renderings:5 engineer:Tuna Murat BODUR Energy and Power, Fixtures, Just for fun Water Bottle 2 210 Knuckel Joint files: 0 renderings:2 engineer:Santosh Parsekar Automotive, Fixtures, Machine design, Miscellaneous, Tools Knuckel Joint 0 210 Door lock files: 1 renderings:3 engineer:ago Fixtures, Furniture, Interior design Door lock 3 210 Comando Manual Hidráulico - Bondioli & Pavesi files: 0 renderings:1 engineer:Thiago Rafael Neitzke Fixtures, Industrial design, Miscellaneous Comando Manual Hidráulico - Bondi... 24 210 Elbow 90º files: 5 renderings:2 engineer:Martin Torres Fixtures, Industrial design, Machine design Elbow 90º 0 210 Wheel hub files: 2 renderings:4 engineer:Aljaz Petrovcic Automotive, Components, Fixtures Wheel hub 6 210 Door Handle Assembly files: 1 renderings:16 engineer:Alec Petersen Educational, Fixtures, Household Door Handle Assembly 18 209

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