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A single seater aerodynamic city-EV with a reclined driving position.
.Batteries and motor are located below the driver seat. Battery access is via small doors below the cabin doors on both sides.
.The unique packaging of the vehicle allows for 2 boots. 1 boot is fixed and has the brake light on the boot-lid, while the second boot is detachable and can be used as a small trendy carry-bag.
.Door handles are just behind the side windows. The doors themselves can be removed completely to create a sort of open-air buggy-styled vehicle for the summer.
length - 1800mm
width - 1100mm
height - approx. 1253mm
modeled in Solidworks and rendered in Keyshot

I didn't do much detailing and modeling on the interior as the brief says they are only looking for the external design, so please excuse my shoddy dashboard ;)


  • Buks
    Buks almost 4 years ago

    Can i Buy One?With Gas prices as they are now and the fact that in my opinion about 80% of people driving to work in huge cars could well get there in a single seater and save allot of money!

  • Kaupo
    Kaupo almost 4 years ago

    Very nice! I like it too.Old stile wheels in front are the best.Small like bike ,looks like bike, but no problem with rain.Good luck with competition.

  • Sasank Gopinathan
    Sasank Gopinathan almost 4 years ago

    thank you buks and kaupo! :D

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