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Coping Calculator for large steel pipes in Excel format

This Coping Calculator is a handy tool that I use to create flat patterns for different pipes cuts, includes miter cut, pipes intersecting with variable angles or a pipe piercing through another pipe.

The Excel spreadsheet includes all configurations with a graph/flat pattern that looks like a bell curve. Just input the diameter and wall thickness, or angle of intersection.

Also included a Visual Basic (.dvb) program for Autocad that will take points from the Excel spread sheet and plot a flat pattern curve directly to Autocad.

UPDATE! Curve data coordinates can be imported into Solidworks (instructions below).

1. Highlight & Copy X , Y , Z coordinates from Coping calculator spreadsheet.

2. Paste X, Y, and Z coordinates data into "Notepad" and save file (remember the name and location of saved file).

3. Open Solidworks, then open a new part (default template) and then click on insert > Curve > "Curve Through xyz points...", browse and select .txt file pull down. Select the previous saved notepad file and OPEN.

4. X, Y, and Z fields will be populated with coordinates in dialog box, Click OK. You're Done! The 2D bell curve will display in SW on the front plane.


  • Dave Steffler
    Dave Steffler 11 months ago

    Tom, I can not thank you enough for sharing this Excel file. I am using the calculated X,Y positions for G-code on a CNC plasma pipe cutter. I had already written an Excel file to create the G-code using the concatenate function. I was also using 5 deg increments of rotation so your calcs fit exactly what I was using.

    I have a question on the miter tab. I'm trying to use this for a 2" pipe at 90 deg (45 miter). I'm not sure I understand the X, Y and Z. At 90 deg the Y calc appears to blow up. I tried using the X and Z and this produces a cut which is close.

    Any additional info is appreciated.

    Dave Steffler

  • Tom Martin
    Tom Martin 11 months ago

    Dave, I'm glad my pipe cuter calculator is working for you. I created this spreadsheet over 14 years ago and still has value in this decade. To answer your question regarding the miter cut tab, be sure the input values are correct (IE pipe dia, wall thickness, angle), secondly use only the X and Y values. X = circumference and Y = hieight as shown in the graph of the stretched out sin wave. As an example Dia pipe = 2" , wall thickness = .125, angle = 45 deg. Good luck!

  • Dave Steffler
    Dave Steffler 11 months ago

    Tom, thank you for the reply and I have everything working. We made some test pipe cuts and this is so slick!!! Again thanks for sharing, the value of your program should live on for decades. We are not building roller coasters but but pipe skids for the natural gas industry. I sent a couple pics to your Yahoo e-mail.

    Dave Steffler

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