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Cylinder Head Assembly

SOLIDWORKS 2010 Rendering By Chanson on November 09, 2010 04:42 in Automotive

Pair of Cylinder Heads, complete with camshafts, inlet/exhaust valves, sparkplugs, and gear drive.

I modelled the valves in pairs to ease size/part count and hopefully streamline movements. Less parts and less mates.

The cam gears are intended as injected plastic with carbon whiskers. Should provide a better interface than metal on metal.



  • cagdas aksu
    cagdas aksu over 3 years ago

    good job mate. but if you decide working on this project and make this into a complete engine, don't forget to utilize that idler gear as balancer. that'll save you some flywheel mass.

  • Alain Di Zeo
    Alain Di Zeo over 2 years ago

    Looks impressive Chanson. Did you model this cylinder head to fit a particular engine, like a 302 cubic inch Fird, or did you just use random dimensions? Thank you

  • Chanson
    Chanson over 2 years ago

    Hello Alain,

    It is based off of the other models I have uploaded. A lot of the measurements were based off of production parts but of different vehicles and motors. It has eventually become fairly unique, but I believe the final displacement remains near to 4L or slightly less when fully assembled. Thank you.

    Cagdas, thanks for the tip. l

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