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Fake Rock Lid for Small Home Irrigation Valve Box

This is a molded plastic lid for a home irrigation valve box that looks like a fake rock. An artist carved out a rock shape out of Styrofoam then we scanned the shape with a 3D camera. I then created a surface from the point cloud and added the thickness and the ribbing to form the solid. Our tool room made the mold and we got good parts but the customer never went into production with them. It's too bad they are really cool.


  • Karl Hunter
    Karl Hunter almost 4 years ago

    Thanks for the render, the point cloud wasn't really that good. It took a fair amount of time getting the surface segments to join up properly. If I ever had to do it again i would rent a Romer Arm or similar surface detention device rather than the 3D camera.

  • Martin Spencer-Ford
    Martin Spencer-Ford about 2 years ago

    I just used your model in the keyshot toon shader challenge, you can see the result here

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