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KV-8S Turret Russian flame thrower tank

Other Rendering By Robert Voogt on July 25, 2011 10:31 in Military

This was my second SW model I ever made (2009). This project is about a modified Russian tank. The KV-1S is the original version, the KV-8S is the flame-thrower version of that tank. (the "S" in KV-1S, stands for the Russian word "speed", the KV-1S was an updated version of the KV-1)

It took me several months to model this to perfection, books, pictures and even contacting people in Russia made sure I had all the correct dimensions.

I have 3d printed this model (scale 1:16), now I have a truly unique 1:16 RC tank. (The barrel is made on a turntable)

If you look closely on the last picture (the only known picture of a KV-8S during ww2), you see that there is a smaller barrel inside the barrel... This was done to fool the Germans. Flame-thrower tanks always got shot first, because these tanks are extremely dangerous to infantry and bunkers. This way, the tank looks like a normal tank, but is actually fitted with a flame-thrower and a smaller calibre gun.

I'm not sharing this model for 2 reasons; first, I like to keep this unique. Second, this model exists of a large number of parts, and the file size is extremely big.


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