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Leupolds Wheel or "The Tymapanum"

The Idea is that the weights rolling (grabcad gears) in the compartments between the felloe and the rim of the wheel will have differant effects depending on what side they are on. The downward falling weights will have more force as they are further away from the center of rotation, where as the asending weights will have less weight as they are closser to the center of rotation.

This makes a great desk feature that you could watch for ages! the best thing is that it will keep going for ages!

I would love it if someone could animate this model the video shows how the wheel should work.


  • haeri
    haeri over 2 years ago

    very nice.

  • Connor Brummett
    Connor Brummett over 1 year ago

    Can this be 3D printed with the .stl file?

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