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Lomography Konstruktor cam challenge: 3D photo rig concept1

A fairly simple design for a 3D photo rig for the Lomography Konstruktor series of camera's. The rig uses only 5 parts, which can be either 3D printed or injection molded. The main component is a solid base upon which the camera’s are fastened via their tripod hole threads and held aligned by precisely matched bumpers that hold the camera on both sides. A clever arm system is then installed very easily which allows the shutters to be released simultaneously with the push of one button. There is enough room for the film doors to be fully opened and film changed out without disassembly of the shutter release arm.

The idea was to keep things simple, keep the parts low and keep the lines and form on cue with the Lomography look. The design keeps true to Lomography Konstruktor series with the use of hard lines, a lot of boxy, hexed shapes and appropriate badging. There are plenty of flat surfaces where the user can put stickers to further customize and personalize the look.

The main components would be 3D printed or injection molded. The initial pricing estimates for 3D printing are very expensive so it is feasible to 3D print the unit however somewhat cost prohibitive, upwards of 200$. 3D printing would provide a great avenue for prototype testing before committing to injection molding. The best method of mass manufacturing would be injection molding, initial tooling costs will be high but overall price per unit would be much less, many more units can be produced more quickly. The rubber grip can be either molded or cut to shape by a cutting press.

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