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Mannual seed oil press whith active element a hydraulic bottle jack for trucks


Hydraulic jack that can lift at least 3 tons.

Pipe of 100 mm diameter (10 centimeters) with a wall thickness of 10 mm, long 150 mm (15 cm) to which we weld a "corck" with many holes of 2 mm each like the meat shredder has,thickness some 5 mm or more.

Weld around the 4 50 mm diameter pipes for leggs, thicness at least 5 mm, lenght 300 mm, flush with the top of the press, and down we weld a 5 mm thick iron sheet as base, around them we weld the 4 round bars of 20 mm half a meter or more lenght, 100 mm down the pipes, and towards the top they must be longer than the hydraulic jack cloased plus 200 mm, the lenght of the piston, on top we weld a 10 mm thick sheet of metal diameter 200.

The press piston is but a mere round piece of iron turned to fit inside perfectly without scratching (positive tolerance of 0.1 mm) long some or a bit more 150 mm.

To operate, first heat up to 100 Cesius degress in Bain Marie the seeds to double the extraction, than you fill the cylinder to the top, place the press piston on them, place the hydraulic jack on top of it, unscrew the pistons top until it touches the ceiling, than start pumping untill the oil press piston goes down almost entirelly.
Remember to palce some half of big coke bottle beneath to harvest the oil, and the resulting bricketes can be burned in a stove as fuel, or used as manoor, or shreded with honey and cocoa cna be eaten as dessert.


  • Emil Pop
    Emil Pop about 3 years ago

    In this rar archive there is the Inventor 2012 components (.ipt) and assemble (.iam), plus some other formats like .IGS, .SAT, DWG, DWF, 3D Max, 3 D Tools, 3 D PDF .WRL, Catia V5 easily open-able with various programs.

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