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A surface model of the new McLaren. This is the first version i'm working on. I plan to finish the engine bay and model the interior. I will also design some new wheels when i find some extra time. This was my first car model and any feedback is welcome. The model still needs alot of work but i could not wait to post it so here it is for now. I hope you all enjoy it


  • Wiktor Kocula
    Wiktor Kocula over 3 years ago

    Thanx. I have some wheels that i made when i was just learning solidworks but they are very simple designs. I don't want to put them on they don't look right. I really want to finish this model but i do not have the time to really get rolling. Im also trting to find some detailed photos or dimentions of the interior. I will chek out youy modell STEF. Donne download it right now

  • Ariel
    Ariel almost 3 years ago

    wow...that is amazing man...good job!

  • someone
    someone over 2 years ago

    when i look at the 3d pic only the back and front grills come up

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