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My Dream House Comes to life

SketchUp Rendering By Greg Durrant on June 10, 2011 14:15 in Architecture

I had the idea of what i wanted in my dream house, so i complied a floor-plan with DraftSight, and now 3 months later I have Built the outside of the house. as you will see with many of my ideas I try to keep things green, so i have added 159 solar panels to the roof creating a massive 12,720Watts of power. Also the roof is a massive water collection area with gutters collecting all the rain water and filtering into a tank on the first floor (this water will be used for toilets and none hygine taps.) I am amazed at how it looks, with two walk galleries on the south face of the building and the hidden roof garden.


  • Siim Teller
    Siim Teller about 4 years ago

    How do you solve the heat loss issue? Such a large glass area must be quite a challenge. I’m a big fan of floor to ceiling glass panels, great for natural light and gives such a feeling of openness.

  • Greg Durrant
    Greg Durrant about 4 years ago

    well watching Grand designs there was this one house that had big glass panels that were triple glazed, and the bonus of inside the interior gap there were blinds, still looking for the company that makes them. also i would use polystyrene hollow blocks for the walls that get filled with concrete. It took a day to build a normal size house out of them. as I say this is a concept dream house dont think i will ever get chance to build it :-(

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