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Tried translating "small-sport" into Italian (the 2 traits of the car, apologies if it translated badly :] ).... basically a 1-seater microcar with a sporty look and feel.
Whole body is designed to taper towards the front. Instead of side scoops, there is a small intake vent in the front that drives air to the engine bay, adding a unique character to the car as well.
Batteries are located below the seat, and there are 2 boots. 1 is a fixed boot behind the seat, while the second one is detacheable and can be used as a small carry-bag.
Access door for the batteries and driver door are located on both sides for convenience... especially if the car is also to be sold in countries where people drive on the left.
Another feature is its solar panel located on the roof, to add range (can be fitted as an optional extra)
length - 1800mm
width - 1100mm
height - approx 1273mm


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