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Audi RSQ files: 0 renderings:2 engineer:venugopal Automotive Audi RSQ 0 2 BMX frame X Rate v1 files: 6 renderings:9 engineer:Hugo Olivera BMX frame X Rate v1 0 5 Bmx frame geometry, F1 files: 18 renderings:17 engineer:Hugo Olivera 3D printing, Sport Bmx frame geometry, F1 0 14 Valtra RoboTrac (2007) files: 0 renderings:2 engineer:Hannes Seeberg Agriculture, Automotive, Industrial design Valtra RoboTrac (2007) 2 3 BMW x6 files: 0 renderings:1 engineer:FNG Automotive BMW x6 0 4 Shower Head (Pilot Project for customer ) files: 1 renderings:7 engineer:PhuongBN Furniture, Household, Industrial design Shower Head (Pilot Project for cu... 2 7 LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR files: 0 renderings:4 engineer:amol Automotive LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR 0 9 Chevrolet Camaro files: 0 renderings:6 engineer:venugopal Automotive Chevrolet Camaro 0 1 INTERCEPTOR- E files: 1 renderings:1 engineer:Antal Mayer Automotive, Military, Robotics INTERCEPTOR- E 2 100 SPORTS CAR files: 0 renderings:2 engineer:venugopal SPORTS CAR 2 38 Conceptual Design of an Intra-city Microcar for 2030 files: 0 renderings:2 engineer:Tijo George Automotive, Electrical, Interior design Conceptual Design of an Intra-cit... 2 20 Sushi Plate Dip files: 1 renderings:9 engineer:Alonso Muñoz 3D printing, Industrial design, Just for fun Sushi Plate Dip 0 11 simple ordinary chair files: 1 renderings:1 engineer:shyam kris Furniture, Household, Interior design simple ordinary chair 3 120 TRON LIGHT CYCLE version 2.0 files: 0 renderings:3 engineer:aayush tyagi Automotive, Speedrun TRON LIGHT CYCLE version 2.0 4 29 Kiosk, Media Desk files: 0 renderings:3 engineer:Onur Daştan Industrial design Kiosk, Media Desk 2 9 SPORTS MUSCLE CAR files: 0 renderings:3 engineer:suraj dubey SPORTS MUSCLE CAR 2 18 1999 Mazda Miata NB MX-5 files: 0 renderings:3 engineer:Darby Barber Automotive, Industrial design, Just for fun 1999 Mazda Miata NB MX-5 3 63 The CubeSat Challenge files: 18 renderings:7 engineer:Ivan Zerpa 3D printing, Aerospace, Industrial design The CubeSat Challenge 2 19 power tool files: 0 renderings:0 engineer:lulu lu power tool 1 2

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