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Request: 10.25 UZI BARREL

Here's a 10.25" UZI barrel for Rich Gillen.

The rifling and chamber specs are generic and shouldn't be used for machining.


    RICH GILLEN about 4 years ago

    I'll try that. I did try to send some PDF plans to your e-mail listed on here,
    and it came back undeliverable.

  • Karl Hunter
    Karl Hunter about 4 years ago

    Umm, that's very strange because the Grab Cad notices are coming to this email. I wonder if comcast is blocking the email because of the PDF's. I can't imagine why but I'll play around with it.

    RICH GILLEN about 4 years ago

    I just tried a blank e-mail 04:57am, with no attachment and it came back to. Is this the right e-mail? Check your spam blocker to.


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