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Saare Yachts Vent

SOLIDWORKS 2011 Rendering By dassault on August 05, 2011 04:41 in Marine

Project vent windows for the yacht.
Material used:
The top cover - tempered glass / stainless steel
the lower lid - stainless steel
inlet cover - plastic

Screws are used only for fixing the rotation of the inlet

The upper and lower lids fixing with thread.
Sealing the top cover to the deck with rubber rings and



  • dassault
    dassault about 4 years ago

    can be made of glass to the outside, too, was clear indication of

  • dassault
    dassault about 4 years ago

    Bent, I'm sorry, but I do not understand something comment (my translator from Google's very bad)
    as I understood comment refers to a material - the glass?

  • dassault
    dassault about 4 years ago

    in the near future I will try to describe in detail this model!
    more clearly the mechanism is shown in another embodiment of the window (instead of glass there steel) - look at all my options vent windows.

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