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SMW - ACCU SMART 55 FOURTH AXIS Rotary / Indexing table

SMW - ACCU SMART 55 FOURTH AXIS Rotary / Indexing table. This is the raw version of this rotary / indexing table. Future revisions will clean the part and be putting it on yet another rotary axis / indexing table. This is the beginning of a project to grow. It will incorporate the Mits laser among other uploads I've been working on.


  • Manny Torres
    Manny Torres about 3 years ago

    Fantastic model and rendering, another quality job!

  • Gina Hors
    Gina Hors about 3 years ago


  • Ytc Positioner
    Ytc Positioner 19 days ago

    Thanks for sharing this kind of information.This post will also help to those people who have less technical knowledge and they can easily operate their system.

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