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Most downloaded STEP / IGES models tagged with transportation

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NRJ files: 2 renderings:32 engineer:Stelu HARSAN Automotive NRJ 199 18279 McLaren MP412c files: 3 renderings:14 engineer:Starnuti Automotive, Educational, Miscellaneous, Sport McLaren MP412c 48 9891 Tire files: 2 renderings:5 engineer:Starnuti Automotive, Sport Tire 17 5537 Chevrolet Camaro RV (part4-5) files: 0 renderings:16 engineer:Robert Voogt Automotive Chevrolet Camaro RV (part4-5) 39 4612 Renault Clio Rip Curl files: 2 renderings:7 engineer:Eduardo Orellana Automotive, Industrial design Renault Clio Rip Curl 16 4118 Belt conveyor files: 1 renderings:8 engineer:michal Machine design Belt conveyor 20 3218 40 ft EVERGREEN Shipping Container Enclosure w/o Refrigerant files: 14 renderings:3 engineer:Aref A Construction, Industrial design, Marine 40 ft EVERGREEN Shipping Containe... 5 2320 Hummer H1 files: 2 renderings:6 engineer:Manzil Kale Automotive Hummer H1 16 1542 Jaguar XX files: 3 renderings:31 engineer:Sharang Kulkarni Automotive, Energy and Power, Industrial design Jaguar XX 17 774 GT car with two engines files: 2 renderings:19 engineer:Andrey Chernorot Automotive GT car with two engines 17 691 GC/EC FC GrabCAR Project v1 files: 2 renderings:13 engineer:Stefan Varga Aerospace, Automotive, Aviation GC/EC FC GrabCAR Project v1 62 667 SK Dhruva files: 5 renderings:18 engineer:Sharang Kulkarni Automotive, Energy and Power, Industrial design SK Dhruva 5 475 Ground effect vehicle files: 1 renderings:12 engineer:Stefan Varga Automotive, Aviation, Machine design, Marine Ground effect vehicle 24 410 New Nissan SSS files: 0 renderings:28 engineer:Mike Enayah Automotive, Industrial design New Nissan SSS 50 383 Terrafugia TF-X KHR IMAGINE files: 4 renderings:37 engineer:Kamen Rusev Aerospace, Aviation, Military Terrafugia TF-X KHR IMAGINE 38 370 2040 vehicle(Seyran-replicator2) files: 1 renderings:8 engineer:Reza Allahyari Automotive, Industrial design, Robotics 2040 vehicle(Seyran-replicator2) 71 353 Plate#2-Metro Station_Escalator(render,dimensions and details) files: 1 renderings:7 engineer:Riolito Paildelan Educational, Machine design, Tech Plate#2-Metro Station_Escalator(r... 7 338 Collada Group B Rally Car files: 0 renderings:7 engineer:Marc Senger Automotive, Industrial design, Machine design Collada Group B Rally Car 11 310 MLG transportation dolly files: 2 renderings:1 engineer:aleksa radovanovic Aerospace, Aviation MLG transportation dolly 5 197 MLG transportation and removal dolly files: 1 renderings:7 engineer:aleksa radovanovic Aerospace, Aviation, Machine design MLG transportation and removal dolly 4 197

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