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SSC Tuatara Interior

Like Jerod mentioned, I thought the interior form should continue the unique styling of the exterior and so the design of this interior draws heavily on the exterior form of the car. smooth lines with sharp cut edges mimic the wrapped and cut form that is prevalent on the rear, while AC/Heat vents (under the windscreen, up the rear of the centre console, and on either side of the dash) mimic the dot pattern of the exterior vents and the stepped headlight baffles. Castriota's signature flying buttresses are used for HUD support and door pulls. I drew inspiration from fighter jet form for the seats, HUD, and window switches, notable in the girder reinforced seatbacks, the eject-style pull for chair repositioning, the flat panel HUD and the shrouded toggle switches. The wheel is a minimalist play on the classic swept "T" racing wheel, incorporating a carbon wrap for the struts. Adorning the wheel and the dash-centre are the SSC crest and the Tuatara badge. Finishing the form, I incorporated black leather overlays on the glossy white surfaces with bright white stitching to emphasize the flowing lines.

The interface is very minimal to mirror the exterior of the car: clean and simple. A single start switch stands boldly alone on the smooth dash, two shrouded toggle switches on the centre console allow window control, and the touch panel in the centre facilitates the rest of the cabin controls.

Thanks to GrabCAD and Jerod Shelby for hosting this contest!
Good luck to all!


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