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steampunk-compass-puzzle-box 1

This is a simple model of the compass puzzle box for steampunk. The game is like this- First the player has to slide the blocks and arrange them to a prescribed format in order . For example 1,2,3... or A,B,C,D.... etc. Once all the three sides of the cube is complete the player needs to rotate the lever provided in the fourth side which will let the shutter open and display the compass. The lever won't rotate unless you complete all the sides in a proper manner. Hope this won't take more than 8 minutes for an adult. Please let me know your views on this.


  • Abhijeet
    Abhijeet over 3 years ago

    thanx jaydeep... m nt just an Indian... m nw 62.5 % engineer too. jst completed my 5th sem. lolz... :D

  • Kaspar Kiis
    Kaspar Kiis over 3 years ago

    GrabCAD has announced the winners for Steampunk Compass Puzzle Box challenge. Take a look at the results and hopefully we will see you participating in the next competitions.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan over 1 year ago


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