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The Peltier Fridge

This fridge contains the following models which are not included in this download. Thank you very much to these vastly talented designers:
SOSS Hinge SOSS No 212 Hinge
Cooling Fan fan
HeatSink Heatsink
Luxeon LED Luxeon III Star
Rocker Switch switch
Trigger Switch Switch Panasonic AM5

Models I've created for this project(included):
Wire Shelf Wire Mesh Shelf
MC37 Touch latch MC-37 Touch Latch

Creative Commons License
The Peltier Fridge is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


  • Marcus Wolschon
    Marcus Wolschon over 2 years ago

    Finally someone who mentions the license of his files on GrabCAD. :)

    Why a peltier? Aren't they terribly inefficient compared to a heat-pump and thus only used for small cooling boxes where efficiency is less of an issue then weight, cost and size?

  • Daniel Roberts
    Daniel Roberts over 2 years ago

    how control the temperature? you have a TEC controller schamatic ?

  • guunhan
    guunhan over 2 years ago

    I was hoping to use a pot and control the temperature digitally. I sketched the schematic up when I was making the model, but I don't know where it is :( Any ideas on a good method?

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