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Tosa Street car - Supercarbodychallenge

This chassis package is an excellent backbone to create an athletic aggressive body. Taking inspiration from classic sports car design I've given muscular form to the fenders, shoulders and enhanced areas like around the louvers. For a dynamic look on the front end I extended the crown of fenders forward beyond the edges of the hood and visually widened the car with the gaping airdam. From the side I tightened up the waist by tucking in the rocker panel which enhances the size of the fenders around the rear wheels. It's also functionally creating some cooling airflow to the rear brakes. Using carbon fiber for obvious weight reasons also makes a nice material break up in the design for extra details. I was able to keep in tight to the frame around areas like the doors and pillars to help with visibility. The name Tosa comes from a very powerful fighting breed of dog so I found that fitting for a race car of this breed. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to seeing everyone's entries! Thanks.


  • Mimmo Lagonigro
    Mimmo Lagonigro over 1 year ago

    congratulations for the presentation and for the idea

  • e.g.oussama
    e.g.oussama over 1 year ago

    Very good design,
    I am Oussama young Tunisian and electromechanical engineer, I have a problem finding the right design of a two person kayak tour, it is very necessary to achieve my workshop for molding fiberglass, I have no money at the moment to open a grabcad challenge, but a good organization will help me to open the workshop with a bank loan, for that here I am talking to you my friend to import me a good innovative idea.
    If you are interested do not hesitate not to ask for more information at the technical parameters of the project, if I will be lucky and I open my workshop I will send you back a nice gift you have my word for that…..
    I would be very grateful for your collaborations
    two person kayak

  • Silvain C
    Silvain C 6 months ago

    Absolutly stuning. great model and renders.

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