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Xoar 21x8 Propeller

Xoar 21x8 Propeller


  • Rok
    Rok about 3 years ago

    This looks and is a rely nice model, would it be possible to share me a 11x4.7 prop? Or share some info on the design (would rely be interested in the design proses that goes into a model like this?)

  • Stephano Park
    Stephano Park about 1 year ago

    Great work! Please let me share the 18x8.ipt as XOAR propeller. Thanks a lot

  • Ronaldo Lopes
    Ronaldo Lopes 3 months ago

    Hello Drew Hauck, I need a file from a propeller 23x8 in STL , you know who can help me with this ? His work was very good.

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