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Short description you say?... let´s see... Male, 25, Mexican, 1.72 m, Mechanical Engineer, I can write english better than I can speak it... Shorter?


work experience

MSD Xochimilco Automation Analyst April 2012 -

My job consist in give service and solve electrical, electromechanical and electronic breakdowns of production and packing machines. Also I do SDLC documentation and keep contact with providers.



ESIME Culhuacán Mechanical Engineer, Automation of Industrial processes / Mechanical Design 2006 - 2010

My professional training was oriented in two ways, i have chosen the Automation as a main activity, but also i have designer skills because it was my first contact with the engineering.



Workstation specs:
Honors and awards: I was a good student in the institute (I was awarded a scholarship during my entire carrer), i had the oportunity to study in other university inside my country and go to other places by my own.
Interests: Read, Karate, electronics (like a hobby), Clasical Rock, Spinning, Steampunk

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