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More than 9 years of experience in SolidWorks. My design work has spanned from small injection-molded case components to large steel manufacturing assemblies, but throughout I have applied my strong mechanical innovation and my passion for design excellence. Skills: • Project/client development - client briefings and meetings, • Creative design – sketching, renderings & model making / prototyping, • 3D CAD Visuals and manufacturing drawings, • Site inspection & analysis, Brief qualification, Design process to manufacture, • Knowladge about CNC and programing machine, • Skills in laser cut, • 3D Printing and 3D scanning. Also high knowledge of: • 3D Design in SolidWorks, • Mechanical Engineering, • Machine design, • Mold Design, • Sheet metal design, • Weldment design, • Products Prototyping, • Development of technical documentation and drawings, • Product Design, • FEA analysis, • All kind of simulations (Motion, Kinematic and Dynamic) • Realistic Rendering, • Realistic Animation, Besides, I do work with all of my passion,even it's a big or small project, for me 3D Design is not only a work to do, it's also an interesting field i stay in all the time.


work experience

DPS Software Senior Technical Specialist CAD /IT /Trainer May 2011 -

My tasks: • Techcnical CAD Specialist SOLIDWORKS - Support Level 2 - work in the second line of support for ours customers, • Pre-Sales "Smap Plant Design" - responsible for product, demonstrations for customers, training, support, • IT equipment orders for customers, • Trainer CAD products. Social Media: • Facebook Fans/Likes -, • LinedIn - Admin "DPS Software" • Twitter - Admin "", • - publication schedule, substantive content, publication autor, • YouTube.



University of Technology in Warsaw - Department of Mechanical Engineering and Machine Building



Workstation specs: HP Z400 Intel XEON W3650 12GB RAM NVDIA Quadro 2000 HP EliteBook 8760w 8GB Ram SSD 320
Honors and awards: - CSWST - Certified SolidWorks Support Technical - CSWST - Plastics - CSWST - PDM Enterprise - CSWST - Flow Simualtion - CSWE - Expert - CSWP - Composer Professional - CSWP - Advanced Drawing tolls Specialist - CSWP - FEA Specialist - CSWP – Mold Tools - CSWP – Sheet Metal - CSWP - Advanced Surface - CSWP - Weldments - CSWP - Certified SolidWorks Profesional - CSWA – Certified SolidWorks Associate,
Interests: • Fascinating new technology, • CNC machining, • 3D printing, • 3D model, • Product Design, • Visualizations, • Sailing, • Sport photography.

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