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I have had the pleasure of using SolidWorks since the year 2000. During that time I have worked many years assisting our customers at GoEngineer through tech support, training courses and onsite implementations helping them to become successful in 3D design and engineering. This has helped me develop skills in troubleshooting and finding solutions to problems. I especially enjoy design validation with SolidWorks Simulation, photorealistic rendering and the challenge of solving a complex problem or building complex models. I have achieved the following certifications: CSWP, CSWE, Certified Support Technician, Certified SolidWorks Instructor, Certified PDMWorks Workgroup Support Technician, Certified COSMOSWorks Support Technician Core, Certified COSMOSWorks Support Technician Advanced. Specialties I specialize in advanced geometry and surfacing, design of molded parts, SolidWorks administration and configuration, large assembly best practices, FEA using SolidWorks Simulation, photo rendering, Data Management and best practices, and 3D Via Composer for publication content.


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Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


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