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Extremely experimental approach towards almost everything in life. ... Its always a question that, don't we just overlook this world... instead of observing it ? In my view 90% of the problems have solutions in common sense rather than an exceptional knowledge. You are carried to higher & higher levels automatically when you are surrounded by super brain people of the industry. Real brains ! Its an honor ! ! ! Proudly work in high tech. scientific / conceptual and R&D based Animation-visualization field. Work with cream talent team members of various corporate sectors. Being into Animation-Visualization field I have worked in many fields and have combination of some good knowledge with versatile experience... pleasure to have such brilliant people around me.


work experience

TATA motors Workshop employee & then Designer April 1993 - October 2001

Lot of experience in dies, mould, HPDC, GPDC, Sheet metal dies, Fixtures working practically in the shop floor. Later moved to design office for 3 Yrs. where I was working on most of the critical parts such as water jacket, cylinder head, crank case designs for casting foundry. Hell of tough division where all drawings made me a tough guy in drawing & design.

Professional visualizer Professional concept visualization November 2001 - July 2013

Worked as freelancer few years & later started with services sector in Animation-visualization field. Now have major automobile giants as our clients & we as there registered services provider. Its all about the knowledge & experience in the field of engineering & animation. Have worked with many secret & highly potential projects.

Faurecia Associate

I work with their scientific & future based automobile concept visualization. Very tricky & sometimes challenging to imagine the little little surroundings of some fantastic features.



The engineer has yet to share the college or university graduation details.


Workstation specs: Lenovo design center I7 4th generation
Honors and awards:

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