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I am interested in learning and building my capabilities so I can develop my patent idea and get it mass-produced; for less than $5K, I just found out that I can get a complete set of CNC-manufactured plastic injection molding dies (if it fits into a 2" cylinder). My invention is simple and cheap, is something that complements an already ubiquitous item used in 95% of the world's industrial environments, 100% of the world's construction trades as well as 100% of Law Enforcement and Military. This innovation makes using those ubiquitous items more effective, efficient and economical and will cost pennies to produce; it will cause a paradigm shift in this industry but will have zero negative impact because it is made of biodegradable material and does not replace any other product - it just makes the other product much easier to use and manage I'd like to use the success of this invention to fund and support personal innovation at an economical scale for everyone who wants to transform their ideas into working solutions for the world's problems - bypassing the usual profit-driven marketing distractions that prioritize greed over public benefit. I hope that if the project is successful, it will allow me to dedicate future efforts towards the improvement of the human condition - I'm talking clean water for everyone in every country, as opposed to superficial consumer trinkets like smart phones - only then would I be able to enjoy the fruits of my labor and passion. I am also writing a book that defies definition - it involves innovation, memory science and redefining the concept of time-travel with a unique and practical technique that I hope will make you seriously wonder whether it would work - or, if I am a good enough of a writer - if it has already worked!


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