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A little about me... I grew up in the small town of Petrolia, Ontario – the birthplace of the oil and gas industry in North America. I like building things, some people say that is a deep love of construction that was instilled by his father, I like to think that LEGO had a lot to do with it too. I went to Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario, studied and was granted an associates degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. This led to Michigan State University, the University of Guelph, University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, and the University of Upper State New York with adjunct studies at MIT and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I am an experienced senior level design engineer that started out designing, building and fabricating electronics and evolved into buildings, structures, mechanical, civil and integrated designs while hanging onto my skill sets as I grew. While I prefer to use IronCAD for all of my 3D design work, I have CATIA, ProE, and Solidworks at my disposal as well as EMAS, NASTRAN, and a host of other modelling tools for FEA, Mold Flows, and analysis. I continue to do both chip level and PCB design for electronics and have for many years but, gone are the days of gerber files created by hand and then translated on an atari; Pulsonix and OrCAD are my weapons of choice and have virtually no limitations. I have worked for the universities where I went to school and, worked for or with: General Electric, China National Power Company, Emirates Power, SNC Lavalin - Power & Electricity Nova Petrochemicals, Bayer AG, Fairbanks Oil Company, Oil Well Supply, Shell Oil - Oil & Gas IBM, Creation Technologies, Daimler Benz, Chrysler, BMW, Maybach - Automotive SNECMA Aerospace, General Dynamics, Folker Aircraft, Bombardier - Aerospace KEL, Tridel Developments, Eastern Construction, Geologix, Volkes Construction - Building Dgn & Cnst I am very versatile and selective about the jobs I take on. I prefer a solid challenge that takes time and patience. Every now and then I publish my work unless it confidential on GrabCAD, and a few other select publications.


work experience

AstralENERGY Solar Manufacturing Corporation, Limited (Based in Europe, UAE & Africa) Master Construction Engineer & Chief Technical Officer 15234 Dufferin Street, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA L7B1K5 (Global Office) January 2011 - Present My role in AstralENERGY is to establish both a GCC & African Office to support operations. The position provides oversight and management, conceptual design, R&D, engineering, manufacturing, and construction. Work with sales, marketing, purchasing, administration and legal departments for the acquisition of new work, qualification of suppliers, drafting of contracts, management of resources, the overall responsibility of ensuring the ROI for shareholders, while dealing with changing and challenging situations, and actively contributing to the company’s overall health and growth as it develops new markets and completes existing contracts is absolutely essential. AstralENERGY™ Solar Manufacturing Corporation, Ltd. (AstralENERGY™) is a unique conceptual design, engineering, construction, commissioning and operations platform that employs an incredible group of talented people in a key group of core competencies capable of bringing the resources together to tender, bid, and execute any contract worldwide within our mandate. We focus mainly on high value electrical, electronic, telecommunications, automation, solar, solar thermal, wind, and geothermal power generation projects, infrastructure, lighting, streetlighting, traffic signal and support systems to transportation, industrial and residential sectors providing key services with uncompromising quality. The company worked on a portfolio of over 5B USD worth of projects throughout Europe and the Middle East since its inception and then diversified into becoming a registered, fully licensed supplier to the Government of Cameroon, Africa to seek out new markets. The company also has an active R&D division that is working on state of the art next generation solar panels. Engineered Systems Power Generation - A Canadian Renewable Energy Company, Incorporated Master Construction Engineer & Licensed Master Electrician, Heavy Equipment Operator 2755 Lauzon Parkway, Windsor, Ontario N8T 3H5 January 2003 - June 2015 Engineered Systems Power Generation (ESPG) was a fully licensed, Provincially Certified Utility Contractor Company that built anything that generated power. From switchgear to substations, in-situ and fully constructed buildings for dams, gen sets, main power de-couplers to full generation stations; we had the ability to take on any job from concept to completion. With over 35 master electricians, 12 heavy equipment operators, 6 truck drivers, and 4 engineers on staff, a trained technical support staff and excellent administrative team - legal, accounting, staffing, insurance, and management – the company inspired great confidence in any job it took on. Typical jobs included Wind, Solar, & Solar Thermal Power Generation, transmission and distribution lines (above and below ground), and all other required constructs in between. With a pipefitting, welding, and pressure vessel construction background the company also fabricated and operated its own oil pumping stations, storage and refinery operations and biodiesel processing / refining facilities. The company owned and operated its own excavators, boom / bucket trucks, cranes, electrical service trucks, horizontal directional drilling platforms, flatbed carriers, fuel trucks, onsite mobile office, advanced survey systems and subcontracted ancillary services such as remediation, vacuum pumping, logistics, and other construction where sensible. I wasn’t just the Master Engineer, I was licensed and operated everything so that if one of the guys was sick, stupid, missing or walked off, we had zero down time. The company closed in 2015 due to an unfavorable business climate. Product Development Engineer at DaimlerChrysler Inc Detroit, Michigan, USA, January 2001 - May 2004 Tested vehicles to specifications using advanced Road Test Simulation equipment to determine MTBF while providing design solutions for both manufacturing and design to improve the overall performance, price, cargo capacity, longevity and fuel economy of the vehicle. Oversaw the Design, Release and Manufacturing Engineering Departments for each platform. Process-Test and Validation Systems at Sciemetric Instruments Inc Detroit, Michigan, USA, January 1999 - January 2001 Designed and fabricated manufacturing solutions using automated test and measurement systems in addition to control and process loops for the design, construction and commissioning some of the world’s finest manufacturing and assembly lines for FORD, GMC, CHRYSLER, DAIMLER, BOMBARDIER, PROCTOR & GAMBLE, DT-ATT, THYSEN KRUPP, and many others. Worked on a $550M budget, consistently on time and under budget. Construction Engineer / Electrical Lead / Mid-level Architect at Kirkland (KEL) Ltd. Kawartha Lakes & Vaughn, Ontario, 1997 - 1999 Took design drawings of buildings, high rise towers, parking structures and roadway systems and worked out the construction planning and execution, man power requirements, time schedules, lighting & electrical designs, heavy equipment forecasting, purchasing contracts, payment & set-off notifications, site management & skilled equipment operator if needed to spell off a regular operator – crawler crane, dozer, or (45t) excavator. Maternal Cancer complications caused a change in life direction. Principle Project Engineer at Creation Technologies Inc Mississauga, Ontario / Burnaby, B.C., January 1998 - January 1999 There were two principle project engineers (of which I was one) that were responsible for all the products being made in the facility, the production lines, the people and managing all of the purchasing, programming and restocking in addition to design meetings, customer requests and a host of other jobs including travel, and multitasking on several continents at once. Maternal Cancer complications caused a change in life direction. Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Manufacturing Test Supervisor, & Flight Test Engineer at Messier- Dowty Aerospace, Electronics Division (MDE) (Owned by SNECMA) Location CLASSIFIED, January 1995 - January 1999 (On contract till 2005) I designed and oversaw the manufacturing of deicing timers, flight instruments, aviation controls, air speed sensors, landing gear systems and ruggedized military electronic equipment for some of the worlds most advanced fighter and cargo aircraft. Furthermore, it is a SNECMA requirement that anything designed must be flown to test it out before it can be included as aircraft standard equipment and so I became fully qualified as both a fixed wing and a rotary wing test pilot. CATIA Applications Engineer, Manufacturing Solutions Group - Automotive & Aerospace at International Business Machines (IBM) Manufacturing Solutions Group Toronto, Ontario & International, January 1995 - January 1997 Worked for BMW, Bombardier, General Dynamics, McDonnell Douglas, and Ferrari as a consulting design engineer with FEA, manufacturing, process and NVH experience for automotive, aerospace, mechanical & electrical engineering. Principle Engineer, Project Engineer, Design Engineering Technologist at General Electric Corporation, Inc. (Global) Peterborough, Ontario / Yi Chang, China, January 1993 - January 1999 (Contract as consultant until 2004) Worked in the large motors and generators laboratory until moving to project construction and operations management where I constructed wind farms, geothermal, solar generation facilities, biogas facilities, built large diesel locomotives, put motors into cruise ships, and worked on large hydroelectric dam projects around the globe. Was responsible for engineering and construction projects in China, Japan, Philippines, Middle East, Russia, Canada and the USA. Petrochemical Process Engineer, Project (Piping) Engineer, NOVA Petrochemicals Inc. Corunna, Ontario, Canada, January 1988 – November 1992 Worked on the crude oil refining process to create polyolefin plastics and create long carbon chain hydrocarbons in order to enhance fuels and create oxygen rich super efficient fuels through the use of advanced chemistry, reaction principals and radioactive sources during the hydrocracking process and subsequent fractionation. Piping, plumbing, steam and pressure vessel calculations, pump and iterative fuel loading calculations with practical hands on experience. Construction of new pressure vessels, piping, steam tracing lines, support structures, connections with existing hardware, underground and above ground works. Reported to Calgary Build and Operations Team. Master Fitter & Welder, Heavy Equipment Operator (Crane, Excavator, Payloader, & Bulldozer) Nickols Radtke September 1986 - January 1988 Read blueprints, made and calculated measurements, pipe wall thickness, bend radius, back pressure calculations, oxygen and non-oxygen atmosphere welding heats, in order to fabricate properly the stainless steel, nickel, and tungsten piping, pump housings, pressure vessels, valves, heat exchangers, and boilers that we fabricated on the shop floor for some of the largest petrochemical refineries and nuclear power plants in the world.



The Hong Kong Polytechnic University M.Sc. Eng., Electrical, 2001 - 2004 SUNY Polytechnic Institute B.Sc. Eng., Electrical, 1998 - 2001 University of Waterloo (Adjunct Studies U of Toronto) B.Sc. Eng., Electrical Engineering & Law, 1995 - 1999 University of Guelph B.Sc. EE, Systems & Computer Engineering, 1992 - 1995 Lambton College of Applied Arts and Technology B. EET, Electronics Engineering Technology, 1988 - 1992



Workstation specs: ASUS ROGG75V, i7 DualQUAD, 32Gb RAM, 4.5Tb HDD, 1024MHz FSB, USB3, NVIDIA GeFORCE GTX660M 2Gb, PROLGX HighRETINA Display 17", Twin Pellitier Cooled Forced Air Chillers (aka 27.5lbs of portable LOVE)
Honors and awards: Too many to list. The admiration of my sons is more than enough.
Interests: Engineering - building power plants and doing really challenging BIG things, Design, Building my company, enjoying time with my sons, flying (still a qualified pilot) fixed and rotary wing, travel and playing sports like tennis, baseball, soccer, and cycling. Work Hard - Play Hard.

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