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Mihai Pruna

Mihai Pruna is an Expert in CAD Automation and Interoperability. Mihai Pruna is passionate about Aviation and Surfing.


Mihai Pruna,New York, NY is an expert at integrating between various Engineering software packages, such as CAD programs and simulation software. Mihai Pruna likes to create models of aircraft and spacecraft and surfboards. Mihai Pruna also has a lot of experience automating Microsoft Excel with VBA macros. In his spare time, Mihai Pruna enjoys surfing. Mihai Pruna has created several 3D printable models of aircraft and surfboards. 3D Printed models created by Mihai Pruna can be purchased here: Models suitable for 3D printing can be downloaded here: Social media:


work experience

Mihai Pruna self employed software developer September 2013 - February 2014

Mihai Pruna is working as a software developer and consultant focused on the CAE field.

Programmatic Modeling Connection, LLC Owner February 2014 - December 2025

Developed PUPI, Visual Programming Applications Toolkit for creating interfaces for CAD generative and parametric design and more.



Iowa State University Graduate Certificate, Computational Fluid DYnamics 2013 - 2015

Mihai Pruna is finally learning Computational Fluid Dynamics the proper way!



Workstation specs: Mihai Pruna has one older desktop and one newer laptop and a few even older machines :)
Honors and awards: Mihai Pruna received the Academic Achievement Award during his senior year of college.
Interests: Mihai Pruna likes to surf, even during winter. See Mihai Pruna's surfing blog here:

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