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Mike Fleck

Specialty Guitars and Guitar Parts


Attended Red Wing Technical College/Guitar Building & Repair 1995. I have been a quasi machinist since 2007. I own a K2 3925 router with a custom made fourth axis by me. I own an OmniTurn Gt75 for making guitar fittings that I provide to high end guitar companys in the USA. I would like to use this incredible 5Hp 3Phase 5C collet gang/live tooled lathe for other contracted work, feel free to contact me. I also have a little Sherline CNC prottyping lathe that was my first CNC love. I immensly enjoy designing parametric programming (macros) for at machine on the fly design changes. I prefer to work in RhinoCad and BobCAM. BC may not be MC but it does the job and well.


work experience

Fleck Guitar Building & Repair Owner/Operator June 2002 - January 2015

I do a bit of everything to enjoy life and make a living. Guitar building, design, manufacturing and vintage guitar restorations. My guitars may be seen at, the book 1001 Guitars to play before you die,, All of my bigger picture work is designed and worked out in Rhino for the most part



The engineer has yet to share the college or university graduation details.


Workstation specs:
Honors and awards: A great review by the amazingly talented Henry Kaiser of his Fleck Electric on youtube. Published in the book 1001 Guitars to Play Before You Die My custom made guitars may be oredered through Cliff Cultreri via My Fossilized Walrus Ivory Bridge Pins are used on the Dana Bourgeois Brazilian Rosewood D-150 Model
Interests: Work and getting work, art and design

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