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I've been doing this type of work basically since 1981. It really is a combination creating an "As Built" of an existing project, or "Reverse Engineering" meaning I can dissect B.I.M. projects to a simple floor plan for Electrical layouts, Fire Evacuation plans or other types of Construction Layouts. The most common request, or type of work I'm asked to do are plan revisions for contractors so they can present the proposed work to the township for a permit. Back in the early 1980's I did a lot of concrete construction layouts, for contractors, so the carpenters knew how to frame, or shape wood molds, for poured in-place cement. For a brief period in 2000, I worked as an AutoCAD instructor for Lincoln Technology, and for the past 10 years I've been working in the Mechanical / HVAC field doing various layout from electrical schematics to 3D graphic images. Lately I have been breaking into the 3D printing technologies so I finally get to print out all of these "Theoretical 3D Models" that I have been creating. By the way, thanks to some of the other members in GrabCAD for sharing their ideas and renderings. I also will be posting a few of my STL files and completely updating my profile within the year (2016)


work experience

Siemens Industries Inc. (Full-Time Office Position) New Jersey, and also working at my own business, as Fitz’ Digital Cad Service L.L.C. (Consulting Business) New Jersey



County College of Morris - Graduated 2007 "CAD Technologies" CAD Technologies, Engineering Course Outline to use AutoCAD & Pro-E (Creo) 1996 - 2007

Engineering Course Outline to use AutoCAD & Pro-E (Creo)

County College of Morris - Graduated with a 2nd Degree in 2016 Fine Arts (A.F.A.) with an emphasis on Industrial Design & CAD Tech., 3D Technologies & B.I.M. 2011 - 2016

Emphasis on 3D CAD Technologies, B.I.M. (Building Information Modeling) 3D Printing, Artwork Rendering, Project Discussions and Minor Engineering problem solving.



Workstation specs: Dell Inspiron 530 (Desktop) and Inspiron 1545 (Laptop), XP for the desktop and win.7 for the laptop/
Honors and awards: I am a previous speaker at Autodesk University (2013)
Interests: On occasion I post information on my own blog site:

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