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“Degrading” & “Praising” other people work & abilities are what comments all about. Some little minds can take it as a personal insult, others more smart & able can use this critic to evolve & correct. Sure I’ll degrade any idiots who sketch some mechanical nonsense together under the word “concept” & call it work. Licking each other ass 24/7 doesn’t make it community or count as “working together”. Uploading simple parts and quieerking “great Job very oowsome model” in the comments is NOT community. Uploading it to GrabCAD is “community” and what’s important. Any comments good, bad, ugly whatever is a bonus or curse but are not the issue at all. Making the content clear & quality close or above the industrial standard is what count Any of my work found here may be used freely for advertising, Tutorials & personal home use. I do reserve all other rights. Nesher Amir Master Concept & Project Designer.


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


The engineer has yet to share the college or university graduation details.


Workstation specs: Workstation (4U): Motherboard (Supermicro) have 4 10 core xeon E7-8870 CPU. 500GB RAM, 3 x nVidia Quadro 2000. 5 x Monitors LCD 22 wide screen. Netputer (2U): Motherboard have single quad core Q9450 CPU. 4GB RAM, nVidia Geforce GT520 DAS: Server (1U) Motherboard have single quad core xeon E3-1220. 2GB RAM Build in VGA DAS1 (4U) & DAS2 (4U) Total storage is 80TB charger (2U) UPS (5U) Modem (1U) Compressor & Dehumidifier (5U) Temp & Disk alarms controller & KVM (1U)
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