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Nicolas Marc

Nobody helps you to succeed; but everybody is present when you succeed.


Currently studying in the Faculty of Science. "Je suis Charlie" "Je suis Paris" "Je suis Nice" I'm french technician . I work for a German company, european leader in our sector. I draw and make possible the ideas of engineers and architects. My favorite material is steel. My favorite softwares are Ansys Spaceclaim and Simlab Composer for personal work. Why Tigrou?(My first avatar Tigrou is on holidays...:-) Tigrou is "the bear" prefered of my daughter.


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


- CNC Programmer. ------------------------- - Statik user.



Workstation specs: At Work: -Workstation Z230, I5 3.30Ghz, 16Go ram, Nvidia GTX 750Ti 4Go, dual screen. At Home: -Pro Book, I7 3.1Ghz, 16Go Ram, Ati Radeon 4Go
Honors and awards: -Major of my promotion in 2011. ----------------------------------------- -9th Place Fresh Water Fog Nets Challenge Winner Net challenge. The canvas suspended by nicolas.marc-1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -1st Place VA Innovation Tremor Device Challenge Winner "VA the pump concept, airbag for handle" by nicolas.marc-1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -1st Place Sustainapack Challenge Winner sustainapack 3 "Push to lock V2" by nicolas.marc-1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -7th Place Tahe Outdoors Kayak Seat Challenge Finalist Kayak seat "rolling" by nicolas.marc-1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -8th Place Da Vinci Gear Challenge Winner FLYING MACHINE by nicolas.marc-1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -12th Place MPTD Challenge Finalist Hook and the Writer by nicolas.marc-1 ------------------------------------------------- -10 interesting CAD models from the last couple of weeks: "ULA RHC 1 by Nicolas Marc" ------------------------------------------------- -ULA Rocket Hardware Finalist ULA RHC 3 by nicolas.marc-1 -------------------------------------------------
Interests: My childrens. All.

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