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Nigel Darley


20 years experience in Offshore / Nuclear Mechanical Handling Design. Finite Element Analysis.


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


The engineer has yet to share the college or university graduation details.


Workstation specs: My 2015 Autodesk Inventor wish list: 1. Custom properties in drawing: Not required to press "modify" after every entry. 2. Lock views in drawing so that views can't automatically re-position themselves. 3. Share sketch in assemblies not just parts. 4. Ability to trim centrelines around dimension text. 5. Line views up via their main centreline after alignment break. 6. Make most windows larger and remember their size if changed. Eg Analyze Interference results window is miniscule! 7. Fill hatch multiple sketch solids - not having to re-click every time. 8. Infinite "undo" with central dropdown menu to show what command is being undone (like AutoCAD does.) 9. In "drawing resources" stop sketched symbols folder from expanding every time a user defined sketch symbol is added. Option to add an existing sketch to drawing resources. 10. "Show Thread Feature" on by default. 11. "Orphaned annotations" on by default. 12. Make text print without requiring to engrave. 13. Automatically assign layers to parts. 14. Force text below dimension line, ie \X in AutoCAD. 15. A one-click option to add equal equal (= =) signs on dimensions. 16. Once dimensions have been aligned they should remain aligned to their mating dimensions. 17. Unsuppress all in browser and turn on visibility for whole model. 18. "Place and ground first component at origin" does not turn itself off randomly. 19. CoG to be shown in the correct position in drawings for different Levels Of Details, not just the Master LOD. The model is correct after updating but IDW's are not - I honestly can't believe Autodesk consider this to be acceptable, it is dangerous in my opinion. 20. Ability to pattern about midplane in Assemblies, not just Parts. 21. When viewing a section through in the model, do not show the removed (wireframe) lines. 22. Arrange colours by their basic name rather than a descriptive name in materials dropdown. Ie Blue Royal, not Royal Blue. 23. 3D sketch, add more constraint options and show when fully constrained. 24. Smooth cut-out and full boundary on enlarged views to have on/off tick box. 25. Standard Undercuts feature for parts - similar to add fillet.
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