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Designing simply fell into my lap one day as I was agonizing over the prices of college; I loved the creativity of the field, but the no-college-required factor really pushed me into it. Thankfully, I not only enjoyed it, but was very good at it as well. I took to it immediately, using a ridiculous amount of manuals and online tutorials to better my skills in all of the top software as well as branching out and finding my niche in design. I'm still new to it all, but I've finally reached a level where I can officially come and say, with every confidence in the world, that I'm ready to display and use my skills on a world-wide scale.


work experience

Hartzell Engine Technologies Engineering Intern May 2014 -

I work inside the engineering department and work on 2D drawings using SolidWorks as well as modeling basic 3D models such as lockplates, bolts, etc...



Univeristy of South Alabama 1-Year Education, Computer Science 2013 - 2014

I've taken one full year in the Computer Science program, which has given me a thorough understanding of the computer and all of its components, both software and hardware, as well as rudimentary programming ability in both Java and C++



Workstation specs: Samsung ATIV Book 8, 1TB hardrive, 8GB RAM, Intel CORE i7 processor, RADEON graphics, and touchscreen, used in conjunction with an Acer 23" touchscreen monitor with 1080p HD LCD screen and adjustable kickstand for both standard computer use and drafting table capabilities.
Honors and awards: Associates and Masters certification in SolidWorks AutoDesk AutoCAD certification
Interests: Modeling, Computers, Reading, Writing, Video Games, Manga/Anime, Ancient History, Tactical History

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