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Performatechnik is a two strong team of designers, both with an engineering and automotive background. Performatechnik aim to design improved performance parts ready for manufacture, for vehicles owned by enthusiasts and competitors alike. Choose Performatechnik for any of your design needs. Here at Performatechnik we strive to provide our customer with the perfect design and to supply all necessary paperwork to allow for successful manufacture. Not only do Performatechnik produce their own products, but we also help the client bring their idea to prototype and manufacture through our expertise and partners in the manufacturing industry. Any item, be it mechanical of any sort or purely aesthetic, Performatechnik will deliver. Do you have a new idea which you cannot accurately design or visualise? Do you need help to develop an idea? Do you have a stock part you would like modified or redesigned? Do you need engineering advice or analysis carried out to seek the feasibility of your design? To each customer, Performatechnik will supply a 3-Dimensional CAD model of the item, fully specified 2-Dimensional CAD drawings for manufacture, along with all necessary assembly instructions and item specifications as required. Performatechnik also provide non-disclosure agreements, signed by both parties in order to ensure that your idea 'soon to be a reality' stays safe with us. This is Swiss quality embedded in trust. For any general enquiries, questions or quotes about our products or service, do not hesitate to contact via private message or by email: Thank you, The Performatechnik team, Switzerland.


work experience

Abc Rides Switzerland Design Engineer/ Konstrukteur January 2013 - September 2023

Design and engineering of Amusement rides, for parks all around the globe.



ISEC - Coimbra, Superior Institute Of EngineeringOf Coimbra Mechanical Engineer, Automotive 2007 - 2012



Workstation specs: AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core Processor @ 5.1Ghz 2x Crossair Force SSD 128Gb RAID0 1x 1Tb HD 2x 4Gb HyperX Blu. 1600Mhz UranoTX850 Power Unit Asus HD 7970 MATRIX 3GB GDDR5
Honors and awards:
Interests: Racing, Automotive, engines, Alfa Romeo

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