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{DJ POET}Grammy Wining Producer, Inventor, Father & Founder of Modular Arts Label ListenDeep™ , Has teamed up with Creative Partners such as IAMPlus, Virgin Produced, ADOBE PS3D, Google ARAS, Bite Size TV, Lennovo Modular, String Theory Schools, and MIT in the push for Open Source Public Education, Economic Stabilization and Unity Funding for Micro Independent Technology&Manufacturing Businesses of the Americas; through the CREATIVE ARTS. The Title Presentor of The Coachella 1st Art Gallery 2014 & 3DPrinting World Record Setter, joins the GRABCAD maker community in search for AmericasNextTop Creatives. Over 2decades of experience and skills in the MODULAR ARTS; Music/Film/Photo&Tech, shares some of his CAD secrets, knowledge and inventions with Free 3d Files for download to all friends, fans, and New just imagine&make...the Future Today.


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


The engineer has yet to share the college or university graduation details.


Workstation specs:
Honors and awards: Grammy Award Winner for Best Pop Vocal with the BLACK EYED PEAS, and 3 Nominations 3D printing World Record for First Successful Print in the AIR on a Commercial Vessel (Deezmaker Bukitot/Virgin America) *also Highest Altitude , Fastest in a Distance Traveling in earth, Speed, Pressure, and Velocity.(2015) World Record Group Holder for Karaoke at Highest Altitude and fastest a commercial airline has traveled (Melbourne - Perth 2009)
Interests: Being an inspiration and great dad , 3d printing, teaching hot models how to use their brains not their tits by 3d printing, turning strippers into successful DJs, Respecting women who deserve it that dont get it & helping them to just be happy for life, graffitii, guns, geometry, perpetual kinetics, robotics, family, photography, motion graphics, holograms, inventing , activating, making social change, making life the best no matter what, djing, vjing more, experimenting with science the idk-wtf it is and just make what I imagine it is or does what way , finding the natural function of what the subject is and should be used for, thanking God & making crazy different music that ends up becoming really popular

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