2 questions about drawing views in SolidWorks

1. Is it possible and how do I add an empty drawing view that is not based on a 3D part or assembly? I'd like a view for annotations only, and maybe some sketched lines.

2. Can I place a drawing view in more than 1 sheet?

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3 Answers

1. Insert > Drawing View > Empty then optionally, 'lock view focus' to ensure the stuff you want gets related to it

2. What Adam said.

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1. Empty View is what I was looking for - thanks!

2. Besides selecting from the tree, I have to activate the "from" sheet before the Copy, and then activate the "to" sheet before the Paste. I also have to use the Edit menu for the copy and paste - ctrl-C and ctrl-V don't seem to work here.

But it pastes a new view. I was hoping to get a copy of the old view, so I could just modify one view and have the changes show up in all the pasted views.

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1. ?

2. You can copy/paste drawing views, but you have to do it via the feature tree. Just selecting a view and trying to copy/paste it in the graphics window does not work.

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