3D CAD modeller needed for a product design on a Competition sporting gun

Hi All,
I am a semi pro clay pigeon shooter and I am also a Engineer. I have a 3d printer and a CNC machine and I am wanting to model a custom designed gunstock that fits my palm. (photo attached of what im looking for)
I can do CAD to an extent but this may be a little beyond me. I am going to use Autodesk recap to produce the 3d model of the current stock to give the geometry but need a pro who wants to make it there own. willing to engrave the designers name into it so everyone knows where it came from.

this project will be exciting and will be able to machine it.
anyone willing to help please message me.
will be doing the 3d recap model this weekend.


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I've never used Recap, but looking at all of the case studies, it appears to be meant for large scale project (i.e. buildings). Does it work well with smaller items like a gun stock?

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