3D models from Keyshot/Solidworks to Power Point problems

Hello all,

I'm trying to insert the 3D model, modelled on Solidworks and rendered on Keyshot, of one of my recent works for a presentation with Power Point.
The main problems are the huge weight of that file and the colors, sometimes missing or not very accurate.

By now the best solution I've found is exporting from Keyshot as FBX format: the file is quite light (101 MB instead of 500MB or 1GB) and there are all colors...Unfortunately some of these colors are a little different form the original ones, and the file weight should stay around Kbytes to be easily turned or animated on Power Point.

Then I'd need to have a quite detailed 3D model, with colors and around 150-300 Kbytes on Power Point.

Has somebody ever tried this PPT feature, faced these problems, etc...?

Any help or tips is welcomed

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The image file need to match PowerPoint slide size, so don't make it very large scale image, and yet you may still not having the quality exactly as per Keyshot, then To reduce it to the said size
You need to resize each image before adding it to the PowerPoint presentation, you can use Paint (windows standard program) to do this:
0. Save your image as normal picture format (BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF)
1. open the file using Paint
2. click resize or (CTRL + W)
3. Type 20 as horizontal and vertical, depending on your original file size. This will reduce the image to 20% of original size.
4. use (Save As) and save the reduced size file (don't overwrite the original you may need it)
5. Have fun


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Have you looked into Keyshot XR?

It is designed to make interactive models for use on the web. They are MUCH lighter than 100, or 500 MB. Try some of the examples in the link above.

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