3d printing a plane

Could someone please help to make this plane ready for 3d-printing, I've tried everything, it's impossible... (for me atleast)

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Have you tried saving the file as a STL. In solidworks it allows you to do that.

Watch this

Hope this helped

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Yes but that's not problem. The problem is that the whole plane is build by using the surface>loft command but now when I try to add a thickness it won't
do it.

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Start watching this videoat the 29 min mark. It shows you how to make the surfaces a solid. It may not work though depending on the complexity of your model.

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A fixed STL file is attached. Please note that the "scoop" under the plane is missing from the STL. It never merged correctly and disappeared from the model.

As others have said, the SolidWorks model really needs to be a solid when you save it as an STL. A lot of the surfaces are open, and there are some gaps, so it is going to take some work to repair.
You can't fix the SolidWorks model by thickening the surfaces. The surfaces need to be trimmed to each other to form a watertight surface. From there you can make it a solid.
There is not a really good reason to make the whole plane as surfaces. You may have an easier time by making the majority of it as solid parts.

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thanks for your help, Somehow I manage too work it out so the plane is now a solid and ready for printing

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