3d printing slightly thin curved walls.

is it possible to 3D print slightly thin curved wall around 2mm thick in vertical manner and will the wall be flexible enough if I further curve it by hand a lil ........ I mean to say will it be able to deform as well as regain the shape .........and if possible which material should i use

thank u i hope to get help in the comments below , have a nice day.

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I think it really depends on the quality of the 3D printer being used.
2mm thick is plenty of material for most professional machines. Something handmade in a garage could have trouble though.
The type of printer will also play a role. SL, SLS, DMLS and other hardware should have no trouble. FDM might be a bit more of a challenge.

Will it bend and regain the original shape? Maybe. This will come down to the material selected, the force applied, the height of the wall, how well the wall is supported.attached, and the orientation of the part as it is building.

The best thing to do is build a few small samples and see how the materials behaves.

Material selected will depend on the requirements and the type of printer being used. All of the machines make use of different and sometimes proprietary materials and resins.

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Yes it is possible to print a curved wall vertically and which can be further deformed or regained actually it doesn't depend on the type of printer which u are using...

Moreover it will be depend upon the angle of the curvatures if it going more than 45-60 degrees support structure would be forming bcoz material cannot print on the wall when it is printing layer by layer bcoz of angle.

And also the type of values or properties u r specifying for 3d print

Say if you give infill of 80-100% then wall will strong and it's diffcult to deform at the same time if infill is 1-15 it will break so depending upon the deformation required u have to give proper infill density , shells, layer height all of this will affect what u have asked...

I have printed a visiting card holder with a curved wall inside so that I can place bunch of cards over it each time when I press the walls it will deform so that my card will come out...then it will regain to hold other cards tightly to avoid falling down..

My preferred choice would be FDM printers and PLA material bcoz ABS would be so tough....compared to PLA..

Hope this will give a clarity

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