3D sketch extruding in Inventor

Pardon my noobishness but I am trying to model a mouse in inventor. I was good up until I tried to extrude to make the mouse buttons. How would I make a groove to show the mouse buttons? I projected a 2D sketch to a 3d sketch but I can't extrude from there. Thanks.

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I don't think you can extrude a 3d sketch (I've honestly never tried.) However, you can use a 2d sketch that is perpendicular to the direction you want to cut/extrude, then use the Emboss feature instead of extrude.

Emboss will project the 2d drawing on the closest surface in the direction of the arrow, and then extrude the projected drawing from that surface the specified distance. Also, if you use the "wrap to face" selection, the 2d drawing will be wrapped around a cylinder or cone shape before extruding.

I hope that helps!

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Hi Ben
here is a little vid tutorial on how to model a mouse maybe this will help you understand better @

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In 3d sketches you don't use extrude you use sweep. Sweep is basically a type of extrude that goes along a particular path that you designate, this path can be 2d or 3d. For one sweep though you need two sketches, one sketch for the profile (just like in extrude) and a second sketch to serve as the path. The implementation of this 3d sweep is how you make the acme and butress threads, by using the 3d sketches helix for the path.

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