3DS Max to SolidWorks conversion

Hi, I have downloaded (payed) a 3D model as a .obj, .max, .3ds, .fbx, .dae file. I need it converted to something I can open with SolidWorks. Tried converting the .max file with 3DS Max itself to .dwg, .dxf & .igs but SolidWorks doesnt show anyhting after opening these files. Any help possible? I can't upload the 3D files here.

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It depends on what you need to do with the model in SolidWorks.
3DS files are usually a "mesh model". These are like STL and OBJ files. They can look good, but are generally made up of many small facets.

SolidWorks will open mesh models with the Scanto3D add on. I've never had good results from it.

Other programs like Design X will create a surface model over the mesh model so you can work with a "better" model is SolidWorks, but the surface topology is not what anyone would expect or desire.

If your goal is a true solid/surface model with desirable topography in SolidWorks, then the model pretty much has to be recreated feature by feature on top of what ever you've imported.

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Already found some answers, wasnt the only one with this question. Any help is still welcome.

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