900,000 members 300,000 models

I think grabcad should employ new rules. If you dont have models uploaded you cant download anything. Looks like most of the members are just here for free models. roughly speaking if 1/3 of the members uploaded 1 model we would have 300,000 models thats not even the case some members 50 and 100 models and 10 models. Only ones uploading probably less than 100,000. bunch of free loaders.

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Keep it all as it is. Grabcad works fine as it is. The models that I am able to upload is only a few of the ones I have. Many of my best are not available for me to upload as I have produced them for corporations who have commissioned them and who sell this equipment. I upload only models I don.t mind others to make use of. Free models that are on this site are to inspire the beginner, interest the experienced some of them are amazing and a joy to look at. I have only downloaded 2 models to assist with projects I have been working on, A wheelie bin and a Honda industrial motor, all the others for the pleasure of looking at them to admire the skill, beauty and complexity of them. This is a place for those in this industry to enjoy and to learn from some of the best in the world. The rules as they stand are acceptable to me as they stand.

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I believe there are many people here who are not engineers or designers but are using workbench to collaborate with the engineers and designers and therefor would not have any models to upload. I also think a lot of people who may be part of the communities use the site to get models to have fun with and 3D print at fab-labs and may not have great 3D design skills but GrabCAD is a place where they can find cool stuff to make for them selves (phone cases...). It would be nice if people would at least try and make a model or at least fill out their profiles but I do not think uploading a model should be a requirement because we will get a lot junk.

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