A 3-D model of PEM fuel cell in Solidworks

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Ramakant Garhewal,
Thanks for posting the PDF, it helps give an idea of the project.
Would you also provide some details regarding what would make an acceptable CAD model?
I believe this is a model where there could be many levels of detail. Ranging from a simple block, to something that tries to replicate an actual part which might be manufactured.

Have you taken a look in the Library for Fuel Cells? There are several which might be good starting points if you could detail what needs to be modified.

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Dear FredSWUG

I want to model only the flow part of the fuel cell.Please find the attachment of the file.

Thank you

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Wow. Google Translate really did not help much with this one:

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(I do not look at the room so I can not know more about your problem, but I hope it will serve you later
Goodbye :)

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