a conical exhaust gas diffuser model using cad and/or catia

I tried my best but being a student i couldn't get it right. I want some three four views as i require to submit it in my project work please help me as soon as possible please...

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Posted a model made with Spaceclaim, hope you can use this.

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I'm starting to wonder if this isn't a "do my homework/project" forum...

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Students are the engineers of the future. They must deal efficiently with their available time. So an important characteristic for them should be, before to start inventing something by themselves, to search and search over again for what already has been invented. Then they can decide what to use and what has to be reinvented.

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So your assessment--Marinus--is that... many of these folks have already "searched and searched over again", only to give up on the numerous papers, patent reports, engineering articles, SAE project blogs, etc., and decided to come here to enhance their knowledge instead?

There is a difference between 'searching' and holding a hand out and the line between them isn't a fine one at all. If you're a student, the first thing you'd better learn to do in this day, is use a search engine. It only gets more difficult from there.

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