About the Autodesk Inventor and NX8.0 's problem

Hello everybody , I got a problem is I transform the IPT file become the STP file , But the NX8.0 can't open it , is something worng ? please give me a hand , very appreciated .

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I imported your step file back into Inventor and it came out 100%... I see nothing wrong with it. So you have built a proper model in Inventor and exported it 100%. (STEP files normally are very good with export/import)

I haven't got NX at work, so I will have to test it tonight at home, if you don't mind.

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there wasn't any trick involved. from within NX8 I just clicked Open > On the file types I just selected IGES > and directly opened it...

Really nothing to it. :)

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thank you Wilhelm Coetzer to answer my question

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