accurate approximation of structural analysis on a sailboat hull

I am trying to do an approximation for structural analysis on a sailboat hull, ultimately to see what the addition of bulkheads will do for me. This has been a very tricky task for me so far.

some pressures and foces to consider:

-pressure force on one side of the keel
-pressure force on wet side of the hull
-force weight from the bulb
-force weight of the hull
-force from the sails
-pressure force on rudder

I hollowed out the hull but now I am unsure how to procede. You cannot simulate assemblies in my version of Solid Works (student) and I have the mast, keel, hull, bulb, and rudder all in separate parts. Any advice?

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2 Answers

I am not sure, but here is a news letter I subscribe to. look under marine design on the right side of the page. hope it helps you.
I also have have a full and a student version of solid works, and I have not seen the problem you have in the student version, did you activate the plugin?

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