Adding texture to to surface in SolidWorks

I have created a file to be 3D printed in SolidWorks.

When printed I would like it to have different surface texture such as leather.

I cant use deboss etc do to some of the surface geometry.

So is there some software and/or workflow that would allow me to take a model from SolidWorks, add some sort of generic texture, and then output to a printable file?

Thanks in advance

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Nathan I don't think you can other than modeling it. Sorry but I think all textures in solidworks are just maps and do not change the solid surface just give a graphic view for rendering purposes only.

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In solidworks, I have found you must model 3d dimensional textures... however, a program called Strata design 3d allows you to add textures to a part. (there is a free tryout of this software, that I used when designing an egg package for disney, which you can see on my profile.) Solidworks doesn't have the capability (as far as I know, and I don't know much...) to add a texture that is 3-dimensional.

It is possible to add a 2d texture (much like a decal) to a part. This gives you the feel of having a texture, but it wont 3d print with that texture. I have tried...

additionally, if you do get the free strata download, message me on my profile, and I can show you how to use it to apply a texture, like the leather texture you mentioned

Answered with a tutorial:

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Hey Nathan, thanks for your answer, it helped me out with Solidworks

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Thanks for your replies, although this was over a year ago...

Ultimately I ended up sending the file to a guy who used zbrush to add the effects, but that strata program sounds interesting. I will check it out if this ever comes up again in the future.

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